LGBTQ Brooklyn Therapist
Kieran (Kyra) Grosman, Psy.D.

You’ve always looked at the way others seem to be able to connect and feel joy with a sickening sense of envy.

Your relationships seem less fulfilling and more difficult than they are for other people. As a member of the queer community, you know that structural systems of oppression are keeping you down. It’s harder for you.

At the same time, you are privately terrified that there must be something wrong with you and the ways you relate to yourself and others. You’ve made compromises in your relationships. Which worked. Until it didn’t. What was once discomfort and disconnection has turned to excruciating pain.

You’re looking for a LGBTQ Brooklyn therapist who will help you fight to find a way to thrive.

You fluctuate between enraged and hopeless. You’ve worked hard. You grasp at every practical strategy you know in order to improve the quality of your life. But no matter how structured your day is, and how hard you strive, you still despair that you’ll ever feel calm, happy, and connected.

It may seem impossible now, but that doesn't mean you can't live a life worth living.

Kieran Grosman will help you identify and overcome the self-defeating patterns that are keeping you lonely and willing to accept relationship crumbs from others. When you schedule a session with Kieran, you will become intimately attuned to what’s driving your anxiety. You will be encouraged to feel your feelings as deeply as possible so you no longer have to use your habitual defenses of avoidance, minimization, and self-neglect.

With a successful therapy, you can be joyously connected to people. You can let the small worries go, approaching tasks with confidence and doing what you can day in and day out. You can celebrate life, and feel like each day is a day well-lived. (Well, most days. No need to get perfectionist about this).

Anxiety Treatment. Feel calmer with your loved ones. Tame your worry and self-criticism. Stop panic attacks. Cultivate relationships that are genuine, honest, and deep. Stop obsessing. Feel confident to pursue your goals.

Depression Treatment. Find pleasure and joy in your relationships. Regain energy and enthusiasm. Learn self-acceptance and how to value yourself enough to require that others show up for and accept you.  

ISTDP Therapy. Become intimately attuned to what’s driving your anxiety. Feel your feelings as deeply as possible. Stop avoiding, minimizing, and neglecting yourself.

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Hi, I'm Kieran (Kyra) Grosman, Psy. D.

I guide people who know that life has more to offer, but can't figure out how to live their best life. Or maybe even a good enough life. Because they are too anxious to act. Because they hold themselves back. Because they are more attuned to other people's needs than their own needs.

I know from my own path to wellness and healing how painful it is to feel lost, and that no matter how lost one feels, a better, more engaged life is possible. For everyone.

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