Clinical Consultation Regarding Polyamory/Consensual Non-Monogamy

I provide consultation and ongoing supervision for therapists looking to learn more about polyamory/consensual non-monogamy. I am available to answer general and specific questions you may have.

Questions I have helped other clinicians with include the following:

● What do healthy polyamorous relationships looks like?
● What are “rules” or “agreements” in polyamorous relationships? How do I help my patients create them in ways that will work for them?
● What if one member of a couple wants to open up the relationship, and the other member doesn’t?
● What about don’t ask/don’t tell policies?
● Can people really be emotionally invested in two partners at the same time? That seems like it would be hard. How does that work?
● How is it ok if one partner has multiple lovers and the other partner doesn’t see anybody else? I can’t wrap my head around that, and it’s affecting my work with one of my patients!
● Help! I don’t even know enough about polyamory to be helpful.
● I’m having a countertransference reaction. How do I work with that?
● What about polyamory and children? What does the research show us about that?

As a consultant, I create a safe place to process, think critically about cases, and offer clinical insights. I also provide general information about emerging trends in polyamory/consensual non-monogamy.

The cost for one 30 minute session is $100.

Group consultation allows participants to share the fee. If you are interested in starting a group, email me [email protected] and I can put you in contact with others who have also expressed interest.