Depression Therapist

You are here because you want a depression therapist to help you remedy your suffering

You are hopeless and alone. It's a struggle to get out of bed. And when you do manage to do it, you know that your life isn't even worth living anymore. Deep down, you fear that you will never be happy again. This is the best that it's going to be.

When your depression started to get bad, you did what you’ve always tried to do: work harder. But it didn’t work. Nothing is working.

You’re looking for a therapist who will be able to see underneath your persona. Who won’t buy it when you present as having everything together. Who will be able to assist you in facing the parts of your life that you’ve ignored for so long because they are terrifying and overwhelming.

But you also want a therapist who will see the incredible strength you DO possess. Who will admire you for the resilience and tenacity that you do have. One who supports you in fighting for what you want for yourself. One who supports you in learning how to have richer, more authentic relationships.

What Happens When You Seek Depression Treatment with Kieran Grosman, Psy.D.?

Depression often develops within the context of our relationships with other people. When important relationships end, or are profoundly and utterly not going the way that we want them too, depression often results.

In my 10 years as a therapist, I’ve guided many, many people who struggle with depression in Park Slope, Brooklyn and Chelsea. Through our work together, you can feel hopeful and filled with self-confidence.

You’ll feel more energetic and enthusiastic. You can free yourself from self-blame and experience a new sense of confidence and self-acceptance. With a renewed sense of hope and confidence, you’ll be on the road to having more satisfying experiences in work, relationships and the rest of your life.

Depression Treatment Can Help You Believe in Yourself and Your Future Again

With a successful depression therapy, you can know what you want from life. You can stop procrastinating and work towards your goals. You can make and keep plans with friends and lovers, and use your excitement about an idea to help you maintain productivity. You can feel confident to go after that promotion at work.

You can learn how to be optimally vulnerable with people. You can have more friends, increased intimacy, and joyous connection.

Self-loathing, shame and guilt will be history. You can feel happy more days than most. You will feel hopeful. You can take pleasure in your accomplishments. You can look forward to undertaking life’s challenges with a sense of enthusiasm and adventure.

Your Next Steps

If you don't change anything right now, how will you feel in one year? In five years? How will it be the same, or worse, if you don't make any changes right now. If you picked up that 500 pound phone right now and called my office, what might be different for you six months from now? What might be different from you a year from now. How will your life have changed for the better because you have finally stood up, taken a stand on your own behalf, and done something that deep down you really want to do.

I invite you to call me at (917) 687-8445 or contact me to ask any questions you may have about depression treatment or my practice, which serves the communities of Park Slope, Brooklyn, and Chelsea in Manhattan.