LGBTQ Therapy in Brooklyn

Therapy in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Feeling lost? I can guide you with therapy and counseling.

Finding quality therapy in Brooklyn can be hard. I specialize in providing therapy and counseling services to people in Chelsea, Manhattan and Park Slope, Brooklyn who are insight-oriented, have some form(s) of marginalized sex/gender/what used to be referred to euphemistically as "lifestyle" identities, and feel limited by heteronormative, capitalist assumptions about what living a good life means.

If you’re hard working and have been described by other people as intense, I’m even more excited to work with you.

I can help you tame your worries. You can be happy. You can have a relationship that is filled with love and care, not fights and pain. You can feel excited about life's possibilities again.

What I Do.

I help people see how they get in their own ways, how they don't make choices that serve their long-term well-being, and challenge them to start making different choices and engaging in different behaviors. (But I don't give advice. Really. Advice is common-sense ideas that for some reason you can't follow. If you want to figure out why you can't do what you know you should be doing, that we can work on.)

You can live a more authentic life--a life that is driven by what you want for yourself instead of what you think you're supposed to do.

If you are sick and tired of living a life filled with anxiety and depression, find out how I can guide you to a better place.

If you want to learn more about how my Brooklyn counseling services work.