LGBTQ Mental Health Resources

Looking for LGBTQ mental health resources? Explore these articles written by me, Kieran (Krya) Grosman, Psy.D., and you may gain clarity on some of the issues you are grappling with. Want to dive deeper? Please schedule a free consultation.

Polyamory: Some Tips to Avoid Turning Your Newly Opened Relationship into a Flaming Wreck

By Kieran Grosman

People can have wonderful, loving relationships that don’t follow monogamous scripts. As someone who has over fifteen years experience working and playing with people engaged in polyamorous and ethical non-monogamous relationships, I’ve seen numerous examples of how it can work incredibly well. At the same time, I’ve heard and witnessed a lot of horror stories.…

Self-Care When You are Scared and Sad

By Kieran Grosman

Self-care is damn hard work when you do it right. It’s especially hard to do when you most need it. Find out why that is and what you can do when you’re struggling to take good enough care of yourself and your relationships.

Common (and Uncommon) Symptoms of Anxiety

By Kieran Grosman

You might be familiar with tense shoulders and an elevated heart-rate as a symptoms of anxiety. How about nausea or ringing in the ears? Read about other symptoms of anxiety here.

Am I in a Codependent Relationship?

By Kieran Grosman

Codependency is when two people with dysfunctional personality traits become worse together. Read this to learn more about co-dependency.