Anxiety Therapist

Get the anxiety treatment you deserve.

The anxiety you feel is a direct result of unprocessed feelings and the compromises you’ve made. As an anxiety therapist, I can help you work through them.

You fantasized that if you could just be better than and achieve more, then you could find a sense of self-worth and ease. Because you feel the pressure to have to be that much better, your life is filled with crazy amounts of anxiety.

You’ve always been a worrier. Whenever you’ve come up against a challenge you rely on hard work and achievement to regain a sense of mastery and control. Yet, this tendency toward perfectionism has left you feeling stressed out, obsessive, and investing too much energy in minutiae and activities that don’t feed your soul.

It’s gotten to the point where the obsessive thinking, rumination, and impending sense of doom are robbing you of what by all rights should be a perfectly lovely life filled with joy and pleasure.

That’s not to say that you don’t anticipate some struggles. Everyone has their good days and bad days and you’re no exception. You also get that society doesn’t exactly embrace queerness. Still...

You never thought you’d be constantly worrying about your future and being only one mess up away from your life falling apart. You didn’t expect to be withdrawing from your friends and the relationships that usually bring you comfort and joy. And you certainly couldn’t imagine you’d be having panic attacks.

When you seek support for anxiety from Kieran Grosman

  • You will overcome constant worries, obsessive behaviors, and that horrific feeling of being crazy and broken
  • You will be able to feel calmer whether or not you’ve been able to get everything done that day you thought you needed to, and even if you weren’t able to do it all perfectly
  • You will know what you feel and want in your life and become clearer about how to achieve it
  • You will learn to take more positive steps to create a more fulfilling, pleasure filled life
  • You will become better at saying no to the things that no longer serve you and maintain boundaries that are fluid, rather than too loose or too rigid.

The Anxiety Therapy Process

Anxiety counseling is intended to help you feel more at ease and capable of achieving the things you set out to do.

We will meet weekly for 45 minute sessions to do long-term, in-depth therapy work.


Consult: You and I will take 30 minutes before our first session to talk on the phone. This is an opportunity for me to learn more about what you’re wanting my help with and for you to ask any questions or address any concerns that you have.

Weekly sessions: Therapy sessions with me tend to be intense. I work best with people who are highly motivated by the long-standing pain in their life to create change.

As an anxiety therapist, I am highly attuned to your anxiety second to second during the session. When anxiety gets too high, we will work to regulate it in the moment and then work together to understand what caused the anxiety to spike in that particular moment.

I am also active in inviting patients to experience feelings at the highest level that they are capable of doing. Why? As clinical psychologist and my colleague Marc Vail answers, “Anxiety is distress with a purpose….Anxiety is feelings trying to come home."

Finally, I frequently challenge behaviors that prevent you from feeling your feelings and from establishing emotional intimacy with me. In other words, when I see you engaging in behaviors that  cause you harm, I point out how those behaviors are hurtful to you, and invite you to do something better for yourself. During sessions, you can expect to experience intense feelings, and subsequently huge relief from anxiety and worry.

Learn more about what a typical session looks like.

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More About Kieran Grosman PsyD.

As a clinical psychologist I have over ten years experience treating patients with a wide variety of anxiety disorders. I use Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy, an empirically validated, psychodynamically-oriented treatment that is shown to be highly effective in helping relieve anxiety and the stresses of everyday living.

When we work through your anxiety you will let go of perfectionism and obsessive worry and move through life with more ease.

My mission is to help people learn the tools they need in order to get their relationship needs met. I’m dedicated to getting my patients to the place where they recognize that despite existing systems of oppression, the world isn’t totally a hostile place and doesn’t need to be defended against constantly. And I am passionate about guiding people toward a calmer life as they come to rely on and relate with loved ones.

Who Benefits Most from Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety therapy with Kieran Grosman is best for highly-motivated, intelligent, queer folx who are susceptible to obsessive worry, panic attacks, and find themselves unable to celebrate life’s small pleasures.

You will benefit from anxiety therapy if

  • You think about the same thing over and over again and never come to a resolution
  • You avoid things/people/situations that make you feel nervous and uncomfortable
  • The idea of a full eight hours of sleep feels like a fantasy

How much of an investment is anxiety treatment?

My current rate is $225 per session (45 minutes). Longer sessions are available for people who want to go deeper ($275 for 60 minute session).

I accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. I require a credit card number to hold the initial session.

It’s important to know that I am an in-network provider only for Blue Cross/Blue Shield. For other insurance providers, you may or may not have out of network benefits. This means that some insurance companies will reimburse you for costs related to attending therapy. I require you to pay all fees up front, and provide every client a monthly statement in the beginning of the following month.

The monthly statement, called a superbill, is a statement of all the fees paid, services provided, and other necessary information. If you choose to allow your insurance company to contribute payment to your treatment, you should know that they are allowed access to your clinical records.

Your Next Steps

It is possible to have more peace and ease in your life. You will be able to enjoy life, open up to friends, and find a life worth living. Right now, feeling self-assured feels far off, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start taking the necessary steps to reduce fear and worry. You will have a quiet sense of calm and purpose. You’ll be able to shut out the obsessive worry and rumination. Ultimately, you’ll find a way to move past avoidance and start seeing active steps you can take to live a life more in line with what your heart desires.

To schedule an appointment for anxiety call (917) 687-8445 today or schedule a consultation call to see if we would be a good fit to work together.